Bakson's AC#9 (hairfall in CHILDREN) -

Bakson's AC#9 (hairfall in CHILDREN)

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Combats hairfall FOR CHILDREN

Helps control hair loss/thinning of hair due to
anxiety/distress, chronic illness, during
convalescence, hormonal imbalance and poor

It restores lost hair and promotes their
healthy growth.

Composition: Acid phos. 6x, Lycopodium 3x,
Jaborandi 2x, Natrum mur.3x, Arnica mont. 6x,
Cantharis 6x

Infants (0‐1 years): 1 tablet thrice a day.
Toddlers (1‐3 years): 2 tablet thrice a day.
Children (Above 3 years): 3 tablet thrice a day.

Presentation: 25gms/250 tablets.



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