Bakson's B59 (Anasarca drops) -

Bakson's B59 (Anasarca drops)

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Anasarca drops

Anasarca or oedema is abnormal accumulation
of fluid in body. It can be local e.g. around eyes,
in legs etc. or systemic i.e. when whole body is
affected. Oedema can be a feature of
underlying Heart or Kidney disorders hence
timely treatment is important.

Composition : Adonis ver. 2x, Convallaria maj.
2x, Crataegus oxy. ø, Digitalis pur. 3x,
Helleborus nig. 4x, Squilla 2x.

Indications : For symptoms of fluid retention
associated with various disorders and aids

Dosage :
Acute cases: Take 20‐30 drops in a little water 2
hourly, 6 times a day.
Chronic cases : 15‐20 drops in little water 3
times daily.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
B4 in muscular disturbances of Heart and bad
B19 in flatulence with gastro‐cardiac
symptomatic complex.
B20 in Diabetes or Bakson Diab Aid Drops.
B28 in Obesity causing overstrain of cardiac
B36 or B37 in glandular disturbances especially
at climacteric.
B63 for Renal problems.



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