B Jain's Homoeopathic Omeo Arthritis


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Common Indications : 
Homoeopathic Formulation for Pain in joints with swelling Tenderness Muscle stiffness Limitation of joint movement Associated fever & weakness
About Product : 

Be on the Move A Homoeopathic speciality product for joint complaints.


Action of Omeo™ Arthritis: •

Acts on periostium and synovial membrane of the joints 

Corrects uric acid diathesis and relieves gouty paroxysm 

Acts on fibrous tissue, joints, tendons sheaths & aponeurosis



  • Pain in joints with swelling 

  • Tenderness

    •   Muscle stiffness 

    •   Limitation of joint movement 

    •   Associated fever & weakness



  • Acidum formicum                               3x       (1.0%v/v), 



  • Colchicum autumnale                         5x       (1.0%v/v), 



  • Rhus toxicodendron                            3x       (5.0%v/v),



  • Natrum salicylicum                            3x       (1.0%w/v),



  • Ledum palustre                                  3x       (0.5%v/v)



  • Dulcamara                                        3x       (0.25%v/v),



  • Lithium corbonicum                           5x       (0.25%w/v), 



  • Gelsemium sempervirens                  3x       (0.25%v/v), 



  • Ulmus fulva                                     5x       (0.25%v/v), 


Excipients q.s. Alcohol content 7.5%v/v.

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As per The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States and Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act, the above medicine being a patent can be safely taken for self limiting condition i.e. did not require medical diagnosis or monitoring and is non toxic. But it cannot be treated as a substitute for actual medical advice.

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