Bakson's Homoeopathic B31 (For painful menstruation)


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Bakson's Homoeopathic B31 (For painful menstruation) -

Bakson Homoeopathic Mensin Drops For painful menstruation..

Dysmenorrhea refers to the syndrome of
painful menstruation. Although it is not life threatening,
Dysmenorrhea can be debilitating
and psychologically taxing for many women.
While most women experience minor pain
during menstruation, Dysmenorrhea is
diagnosed when the pain is so severe as to limit
normal activities or requires medication.
Dysmenorrhea can feature sharp, throbbing,
dull, nauseating, burning or shooting pain.

Composition :Caulophyllum 2x, Chamomilla 30x,
Cimicifuga rac. 3x, Cuprum aceticum 4x,
Magnesium phos. 6x, Viburnum op. 2x.

Indications : For Dysmenorrhoea with cramping
pains, besides easing labour pains.

Dosage :
Acute cases: Take10 drops diluted in water 2
hourly, 6 times a day.
Chronic cases: Take dose three times a day.

Advice : In menstrual irregularities like
Menorrhagia and Metrorrhagia: Take Bakson
Fem Aid / Menso Aid Syrup. If spasms radiate to
the entire abdomen give additionally B19.

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As per The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States and Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act, the above medicine being a patent can be safely taken for self limiting condition i.e. did not require medical diagnosis or monitoring and is non toxic. But it cannot be treated as a substitute for actual medical advice.

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